Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bike Trip / Art Project / Picture Day

Sturgeon Presentation by Past Students

Water Testing

Flipgrid Video Book Reviews

What a great bike trip it was today!  The weather was beautiful and the ride was fantastic.  Thank you again to all of the parents for your help making it such a great fifth grade memory!

I hope you had a chance to view some the Flipgrid book review videos.  Some of them are quite funny!

Here’s a note from the Art Teacher:

The kids will be doing a school wide art project where they will need 1 plastic clear water, Gatorade, or any bottle  that’s plastic with the label peeled off.  They are hoping to start next week.

Next week we will be back in the wetlands.  Weather looks beautiful all week. 

Scholastic Book Orders:
Class Code:  RH78M
Order online:  https://clubs.scholastic.com/5th-grade-2/

Friday, September 22, 2017

Michigan Maritime Museum / Bike Trip

We had a great time Thursday visiting the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven!  The kids all had fun sailing on the Friends Good Will and the Lindy Lou!  It was a hot one, but we persevered and made some memories!
Next Friday we have the traditional fifth grade bike trip!  REMINDER:  We will be meeting at the Macatawa Natural Area at 9am and picking up at 2pm.  The notes came home at the Parent Meeting, I will also attach them to the email if you misplaced them. 
Email with questions if you have any.

Scholastic Book Orders!  CLASS CODE

Please order books online if you’d like, and use the above code so we can gain points and get FREE BOOKS!  Ask your student about the book they are reading in class each day.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wetlands / Scholastic Book Orders /Bike Trip

I can’t believe week two is already in the books!  We had a great time exploring the wetland and examining all of our Quincy friends that live in our wetland area.

We have the Michigan Maritime Museum Tall Ship sail coming up this week Thursday.  REMINDER: There is a late pickup at school at 6pm.  Please have a note for us if anyone but you is picking your child up and bringing them home.

If you missed the Parent Meeting remind your student to bring home the notes and take a look.  Email with questions if you have any.

Scholastic Book Orders!  CLASS CODE


Please order books online if you’d like, and use the above code so we can gain points and get FREE BOOKS!  Ask your student about the book they are reading in class each day.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quincy Wetland Ebook

Quincy Wetland Resource Guide

iBook Creator has evolved to the point where we can now share this project out from last year.  Mrs. Johnson and I worked together with the fifth graders from last year to put together this wetland guide from our school wetland ponds.  We have some other ideas on the burner now that we can push this tool out to kids.  Exciting times!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hemlock Crossings Sturgeon Presentation

Students working on the presentation

Videoing tasks of Sturgeon Care

Right before the presentation!

They looked so professional!
We presented our Sturgeon in the Classroom Project at Hemlock Crossings Nature Center last week!   56 people were in attendance to hear all about how we raise our lake sturgeon, care for its environment, and release it into the wild.  The students did an amazing job!  We will be releasing our classroom fish "River" this coming weekend in Onaway MI.  This marks the fourth consecutive year of our program and "River" will be the fifth lake sturgeon that we have raised here at Quincy Elementary.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Notes Coming Home / Spring Break

There were some important notes that went home Thursday night.  1.  The note for “The Talk” coming in April.  2.  The note about choosing a music or non-music option for middle school next year.  3.  The camp t-shirt size letter for camp.   Please sign notes and return asap.
Next week we will be having our Monday celebration to end our IditaRead competition.  WOTV8 will be here to focus on our March is Reading Month.  Should be fun!  I hope everyone has a great Spring Break and you enjoy your time with family. 
I can…
Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.
Quote accurately from text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences.
Explain how the motion of the Earth and moon around the sun relate to the phases of the moon.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Four Generations and Sled Building / Ikidarod

Meet Michael, his Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and his Dad.  Michael was super excited to build his Ikidarod sled for our big race day!  Below is an excerpt from Michael's Mom.  

My husband's grandpa (Pep Nagelkirk) used to run the model shop at Herman Miller years ago, and Jason's dad (Dennis) was also highly involved with that and with working at Herman Miller for many years (still does). These pictures were taken in Pep's shop which he still has operating in his backyard. It was pretty special seeing 4 generations work together on this project. 
Wow!  Four generations working on a school project together, now that's priceless!