Friday, March 24, 2017

Notes Coming Home / Spring Break

There were some important notes that went home Thursday night.  1.  The note for “The Talk” coming in April.  2.  The note about choosing a music or non-music option for middle school next year.  3.  The camp t-shirt size letter for camp.   Please sign notes and return asap.
Next week we will be having our Monday celebration to end our IditaRead competition.  WOTV8 will be here to focus on our March is Reading Month.  Should be fun!  I hope everyone has a great Spring Break and you enjoy your time with family. 
I can…
Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.
Quote accurately from text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences.
Explain how the motion of the Earth and moon around the sun relate to the phases of the moon.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Four Generations and Sled Building / Ikidarod

Meet Michael, his Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and his Dad.  Michael was super excited to build his Ikidarod sled for our big race day!  Below is an excerpt from Michael's Mom.  

My husband's grandpa (Pep Nagelkirk) used to run the model shop at Herman Miller years ago, and Jason's dad (Dennis) was also highly involved with that and with working at Herman Miller for many years (still does). These pictures were taken in Pep's shop which he still has operating in his backyard. It was pretty special seeing 4 generations work together on this project. 
Wow!  Four generations working on a school project together, now that's priceless!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

IditaRead / Ikidarod and Finishing Force and Motion

This coming month for March is Reading Month we will be reading to race the other classrooms around the rotunda in the front of the school.  Sign those paws as they come home.  No reading log for the next couple of weeks as we try to read as much as possible to move our musher person to the next checkpoint!  Rescue the IditaRead Note from backpacks for more information.
Next week, we will continue with a few more force and motion lessons and then begin reviewing for the test. 
Remember  you are invited today to come and watch our Ikidarod at 1:30pm on the back playground.  Just check in with the office before you come out.  Should be fun!
I can…
Gather information to support their point of view.
Explain how a series of stanzas fit together to provide structure of a poem.
Demonstrate non contact forces using electricity.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Newtons of Force / Valentine’s Day / Yukon Quest

This week we did some specific measuring of force in Newtons and learned about the difference between mass and weight.  It was fun to see the kids doing so well working with our tools and collecting data.
Valentine’s Day is coming up!  The kids can bring in cards for each other, we will have the party on the afternoon of the 14th. 
We are all excited to follow the Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race this coming week.  It will help us prepare to lead the school in our IditaRead Program again this year at Quincy during March is Reading Month.  Our Quincy Ikidarod is coming up soon!
Our Benefit Hockey Game is this Sat. (Feb. 4th).  We would love to see you!  You can read more about Shannon Shamback and her struggle at this link.

I can…
Analyze mentor text and generate ideas for persuasive writing.
Quote accurately from a text while explaining what text is explaining.
Relate balanced and unbalanced

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hot Dog Luncheon

Ice Skating Party


I appreciate all the gifts and thoughtful treats!  I will stay good and caffeinated over break!  Thank you!

We had a great week, we finished up our life science unit with the test yesterday.  After break will begin Force and Motion and also start Unit 2 in our Ready Gen series.

Have a fantastic break with the kids!  Enjoy the time of Christmas with your family and friends.  I am very excited about all the other fun learning we will do as we return in January.  Thank you again for all your support and sending me such amazing kids to teach each day!

I can…

Determine theme in a story from details in the text, including how characters respond to challenges in summary.

Describe how a narrators point of view influences how events in a story are described.

Describe the forces that affect the movement of an object.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Science Test/ Hot Dog Lunch / Ice Skating Party

We will be taking our big unit test for life science next week Wed. before our party on the 22nd.  The kids have a study guide and I told them to study each night instead of reading log. 
Remember our skating party and hot dog lunch is next week Thursday Dec. 22nd.  If you’d still like to volunteer or donate items for the hot dog luncheon please visit this link to the Volunteer Spot page.  There are still a few items left to be filled.
This week we also started the Unit 1 Ready Gen assessment online.  We are building a little stamina like a marathon runner would by taking that test over all of our learning in Unit 1 as we prepare to do an excellent job on M-Step in the spring. 
This week we also have been working on our human systems advertising projects.
I can…
Analyze multiple accounts of the same topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent.
Compare and contrast the overall structure of information in two or more texts.
Explain how the selected body systems work together to perform life activities.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hot Dog Lunch / Ice Skating Party

We will be having a hot dog lunch here at school before we head over to  The Edge Ice Arena on Dec. 22nd.  Please see this link, or click the link in the email for signing up to donate food items.
Remember you are invited to come and skate with us!  Just bring your own skates or $2.50 for skate rental!  We will have the ice from 1pm to 1:50pm.
Remember those hats, gloves, and or mittens!  We are collecting them for Blackwell Institute this year in conjunction with our Quincy mitten/hat drive.  If we could get them in by Dec. 15th that would be fantastic! 
We will be taking our unit test on Systems and Survival next week, as well as an online version of the Unit 1 ReadyGen assessment that covers all of the language arts skills we’ve been learning this year so far.
I can…
Explain relationships and interactions between two or more individuals and events in a scientific text based on specific information in the text.
Determine the meaning of general and domain-specific words.
Explain how the selected body systems work together to perform life activities.