Friday, April 20, 2018

MSTEP / Camp Payment / Sturgeon Release

Tommy and Brody having fun with Science

More new releases from

We continued with the MSTEP this week.  The kids took the science and social studies test 1.  Next week we will be taking the social studies test 2 and the math MSTEP.

Camp Payment Due April 23rd.  Only a few more kids to pay for camp.  If you have any questions shoot me an email or call.  We are getting excited for this great end of elementary school experience.

Sturgeon release and camping trip is tentatively planned for May 12th.  With all the new snow up there we might have to back the trip up one weekend.  Stay tuned, more information will be coming soon.  If you think you’ll attend send me an email so I can get a head count. 

Scholastic Book Orders:

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Upcoming Important Events:

· Camp Payment Balance due April 23

· MSTEP Testing through April 26

· Sturgeon Release/ Onaway MI   May 12

· Box Tops Due May 9

· “The Talk” May 18th 2:00pm

· Field Day May 25

· Camp Pendalouan May 30 - Jun. 1









Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Break / MSTEP/ Thrilla

I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!  Whether you are staying here or going somewhere enjoy the time together with family and friends.
When we return from break 5th grade students will begin taking the MSTEP state standardized test.  Remember, a good nights rest and proper nutrition can really make a difference.  These tests can take a long time and the kids will need some stamina.  They are going to do great!
Thrilla Dog Sled Race is this weekend, I’m excited to share this experience with a few families, and I’ll put together some pics and video of the event. 
Thank you for all your help, kids and parents at the Spring Fling!  We couldn’t do it without you!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Report Cards / Ikidarod / Spring Fling / Thrilla

Report cards went home today.  Rescue them from backpacks if you haven’t seen the envelope yet.
The Ikidarod(click link for video) was super fun this week.  We ran the sleds on the grass after all of our snow melted by mid morning.  Some sleds still need a good home, just come and pick them up.  We have really enjoyed following the Iditarod this week and look forward to enjoying the finish next week sometime. 
Thrilla Dog Sled Race is Mar. 24th.  A note and email went home earlier this week.  Email if you plan on going so we can get a head count in advance.
Spring Fling March 16th Volunteers:  Please click the link above to sign up for a volunteer time.
Scholastic Book Orders:
Class Code:  RH78M
Order online:
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pizza Coupons / Ikidarod / Spring Fling

Wetland clean up on a warm day.

Trey working on some angles for his Ikidarod Sled.

Advanced Reader books.  We get to read these before they hit the shelves!

Pizza Coupons for the Hungry Howies Doughraiser are headed home.  Please rescue them from backpacks if you haven't seen them yet.  :-)
Ikidarod sleds are finished!  Now we are just hoping for some snow to run them. 
Animal Lover Theme basket looks great!  Thank you so much for all the donations!
Spring Fling March 16th Volunteers:  Hoping to get as many fifth graders here to help that night as possible! 
Conferences are Monday from 2-8pm.  Report Cards will come home on March 9th. 
We have some new advanced reader copies from my friend that works for a book publisher.  It’s so cool to be able to get these books in the students hands before they hit the shelves!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sled Building / Conferences / Spring Fling

These kids rock at cleaning up!

Hannah and Madeline Sanding Runners

Kyle and Jacob Water Testing

Happy Sled Builders

This week we had a great time building our sleds for the Ikidarod!  We are hoping we get a chance to run them, but the weather looks pretty warm for the near future. 
Animal Lover Theme basket items keep coming in and we can still take more!  The basket will be awesome!
Conferences and report cards are right around the corner.  March 5th is conference day. Check with your student to see if you have a conference invitation.
Spring Fling Volunteers:  Every year 5th grade students sign up to help run games at the Spring Fling.  We would love to get as many of the kids here as possible on March 16th for our fun night.  Sign ups will be coming soon.  We really appreciate the help and we couldn’t do it without the 5th grade helpers.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Video Conference / H.H. Pizza Order / Vday Party

Video conferencing with Terry Lynn Johnson Monday was a treat!  We enjoyed getting to ask her about her life as a real author.  Also, she told us a funny story that involves chasing a bear with a chainsaw and “smarties” the candy.  Ask your student what happened!
We also are signed up for the theme basket “Animal Lover” at our spring fling.  You can send in anything animal or pet related to add to our theme basket.  It’s a ways off, but nice to start collecting things now. 
Valentine’s Day Party Volunteer Spot is filled!  Thank you!
Hungry Howies Order Forms due this Monday!  Please send only 1 check.

Scholastic Book Orders:
Class Code:  RH78M
Order online:
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Friday, January 19, 2018

STAR Tests and Great Lakes Hydrosphere

It was a good week back in the groove.  We will be taking STAR reading tests most Friday’s this term.  NOTE:  These scores do go up and down a bit, but encourage the kids to shoot for their personal best on Friday mornings.  We are setting a goal each week to improve.  The test results come home Friday or Monday.
This week we finished up our mini unit on the Great Lakes Hydrosphere in science and will be moving on to Force and Motion next week.  It’s a fun one!
Still  looking for student volunteers or to attend our charity hockey game and help with a few tasks, Chuck a Pucks, and making lots of noise!  Email me if you’re interested or plan on attending (see attached poster).